'Another Life.' by Gary Staniforth

I used to have another life,
A job a cat a house a wife,
17 years of living the dream,
Not all smooth sailing,
You know what I mean.
The mountains and valleys,
They come and they go,
The pressures of work and kids,
As they grow.
Living on credit and struggling for cash,
Then it all happened,
The credit crunch, crash.
Now on hard times and God what a struggle.
No more living in my own little bubble.
A few wrong decisions and silly mistakes,
As we try to survive, whatever it takes.
The drink and drugs they play a part,
As I was now watching my life fall apart.
Escape and distraction,
To bury my head,
But then look what happens, just look where it led.
Now I am homeless,
With no wife, kids or bed.
Don’t look down at the homeless you see,
It can happen to you,
Like it happened to me.